18 Feb 2011

Her First glance

It was raining heavily that night. I my cellphone network was down. I saw a telephone booth on the other side of the road. “I should call dad, he must be waiting for my call”, I thought. I ran towards the telephone booth in the heavy rain. Dailed my father’s number...his phone was ringing.

I glanced outside on the main road, it was clear, no traffic at all. And then a white car stopped on main road. A young girl got down from the car. Nearby some kids were enjoying the rain...jumping, dancing and playing in the heavy shower. She was enjoying their dance standing in heavy rain. And then all of a sudden she took off her sandle and joined them. Like a kid she freed herself, jumped and danced enjoying the rain… I was just staring at her, as if something struck me.

Hello…Hello…”, I heard my dad’s voice coming from phone

I was not able to take my eyes off her. She looked so beautiful dancing in the rain. So pure, so elegant...

Dad, It’s me, Delhi from Maddy”, like an idiot I jumbled words. But I was too busy and engrossed in the scene.

Hello Maddy…Hello...you there?”, my dad recognized my voice.

I was bewitched and then I knew she was the one I was waiting for

Dad, I saw her”, I said to my dad on phone.

Who???”, my dad was confused on my funny statement.

My kind of girl”, I confessed to him.

And then she moved towards her car ready to go...

Dad she is going….going” I felt like losing her...

For those who guessed, Yes this is scene from RHTDM….
For those who would like to check the visual scene I am sharing this youtube video…Enjoy!!!! Some scenes best come out when acted....This is one of them.It is one of my favorite scene and perfect to be share on Valentine’s Day.


IMOOOOO said...

Nice blog

Anonymous said...

Sneh... as i was readin ths i was visualisin the scn frm RHTDM... yup some scenes look too real to b scriptd / directed... this one is close to moi hrt <3 ... thnks sweets for postin ths.

- Munch

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