4 Apr 2011

Pets on Facebook

Off late there is lot of news of people creating their pet’s facebook accounts. I mean what for? Do dogs and cats really need a facebook account?
That’s ridiculous… I don’t find any reason to create my pet’s accounts. She is happy eating, playing and sleeping. Why to make her life complicated? :P

Well, but many people thinks making their pets account would make them famous. Different people different perspective…

Anyways that’s not what the post is about. Yesterday a thought hit me.
What if all the pets have the facebook account and they actually update it all by themselves?
Here now my imaginations are wild. Just have a look what they might update on facebook.

What’s on your mind?

Roxy(a Border Collie): Guess What? I am going for walk with my master and his girlfriend. And I have heard that his girlfriend has a beautiful young French poodle ;)
(20 likes) (50 comments)
Comment from Bull Dog: Hey take some snaps and upload on facebook.
Comment from German Shephard: Nyaah!! I don’t like poodles… they are too arrogant.

Bruno(Black Labrador): Guys, I saw a beautiful female lab in the park today. And what more? She wagged her tail looking at me.
(15 likes) (20 comments)
Comments: NO NO Don’t fall for it!! They always do this and later growls at you when you go near!! Coming from an experienced German shepherd.
Comments: Ahh go for it buddy!! Roff roff

Mandy( a Pomeranian pup): Today I again peed on the bed… For fun :D
(10 likes by puppies) (6 comments)
Comments from fellow pups: Well done!!
Comment from elder dogs: Bad Dog!! Is there any dislike button?

Boxy(a Boxer): I caught my reflection in mirror… Still wondering why my nose is so small
Comments from fellow Boxers: Ahh!! I am wondering the same.
Comment from Dobberman: Hey ask your master to pull your nose daily. May b it helps!!

Coco( a Chihuahua): Any ideas where I can hide a bone?
Comment from fellow dogs: I dunno…try Farmville :P

So this might be an interesting situation. Right? However, the reality is that they can’t update on their own and thus don’t need a facebook account.

Just a random post…Sorry if I have hurt anyone’s sentiment.


kiran said...

I think, i need to salute you on what u have written..you r one of the best in this world, to write about things which no one else can do..and ur book would be a very famous one as Harry Potter..

Sneha said...

Oh Kiran...thank you :)

JIM said...

Very funny and inventive , Had a smile on the whole time.


Rimly said...

What an imaginative piece. Loved it!

Ankit said...

:) Superlike!!!

Sneha said...

Thank u Jim, Rimly and Ankit :)

Roy Durham said...

Hey! wait a gush darn minute. i update when Roy lets me. Mouse here. i want a account on fb. just keep them darn cat out of here. you have a fine one. lol i'am out of here.

Ann said...

Great post! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will follow yours!

Kriti said...

LOL - that was a fun read - Love your imagination : )))

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

This is hilarious - great imagination!



Phoenixritu said...

Wish there was a like button. Loved this post

Sneha said...

There is a like button of fb :P

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