16 Apr 2011

Trapped Wings,Open Sky by Nisha Arppit


Her name is Preet. She has finished her MBA with cool grades and got placed in one of the leading company which gives her fat salary. You might think her life is perfect and what else she wants? But wait a min!! There are those dark clouds behind the big mountains. Right from Day 1 at office, she faces number of challenges. But Preet is not going to give up. She decides to give tough fight to whatever challenges coming in her way. And in all this mess, she meets Aman. So what is brewing between Preet and Aman? How long Preet will fight to make a mark in the company?

This book is about strong female protagonists who believes in herself and bold enough to make changes. The story unwinds the bond of love, friendship, aspiration and hardships.

Now, let me start the review with the Title of the book “Trapped wings, Open Sky”. Interesting right? So is the book cover. The sparkling blue colored cover, with a girl behind the bars and few birds flying high in sky. The title and the book cover will immediately grab your attention. The book looks interesting considering these two factors. But does it fulfill the reader’s excitement beyond the cover page? My answer is Definitely Yes!!!

Moving on to the story, the author has done commendable job of explaining the story well and my attention was grabbed from the very first page. I could not keep it down and my excitement grew further as I turned the pages. The story is described in campus background, where almost all people are making conspiracies against the main protagonist “Preet”. But Preet’s nature hooked me to the book, as hardly we find these kind of girl around us. Normally, after so many tortures, we might quit, we might cry, we might curse our luck. But Preet is different and a very beautiful message lies in the story.

Although at some point, I felt the negativity is too much as almost all characters have cruel intention. And I would have loved if author would have stressed more on emotions when two people are conversing. At some point, few characters and their emotions were still a mystery. But the book gives different twists and turns and thus definitely keeps the reader hooked to the story.

Overall, the book gives you more than expected and I can say that here “The content is King”. I would suggest grab the book. It’s the short read but worth it.

You can order this book online on Flipkart
Also you can check the fan page on facebook and get in touch with the author.

Book: Trapped Wings ,Open Sky . . . still I Want To Fly
Author: Nisha Arppit
Publishing Date: 2011
Publisher: Indra Publishing House
Number of Pages: 153


Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Sounds like a very interesting read!

sneha said...

yes Mari :) U shuld give it a try

Bastab Chakraborty said...

"A book written well, with characters interesting enough to get quite a hang of, this debut novel by the author has got tremendous capability to make readers like it thoroughly."

My review of 'Trapped Wings, Open Sky' on my blog 'Between The Lines': http://unpublisho.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/book-review-trapped-wings-open-sky-by-nisha-arppit/

- Bastab Chakraborty

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