21 Feb 2011

Rising from scratch

Well this is my new blog, just two days old. I had 54 followers in my old blog and loads of genuine readers. What happened to my old blog? It is a very sad story…lets not go into details.

The other day when I tried accessing my blog, it was not there…(Lets not get into it, why and how). I was upset and devastated. All the data, all my posts and all my readers were gone just in no time…

So I asked myself “What now?” I got mails from my readers and readers turned friends, saying that we are not able to access your blog anymore. They were equally sad as I was.That moment was enough for me to decide “No problem, I will start a new one.

A fresh start is what I did with this blog. All those readers which I lost, some came back and supported me and if I have more good matter to share, more will soon come and join me. I trust myself.

Well all this experience was different for me. Before this incident I felt blogs are for sharing, following and commenting. But soon I realize it is beyond that. I realize blogs are also for bonding. Bonding with your readers and bonding with other writers.

So from all this experience I felt like Phoenix.
Phoenix - a mythical bird who rises again from his own ashes.

A beautiful quote from Anne Baxter :

It's best to have failure happen early in life.

It wakes up the Phoenix bird in you so you rise from the ashes.

Have you come across any situation in your life, where you felt in same way- rising from scrap?


Anonymous said...

Dont get bogged down by trivial issues Sneh... keep on tredin ur chosen path... my best wishes dear. -


Motifs said...

This is scary..Sneha,you will go on.

Sneha said...

Thank you Munch and Alpana for ur support...

kiran said...

It's good, you started to believe that you can again start from the scrap..they r already 18 followers, so earlier it was 54, so u have already 1/3rd of them in your kitty..so keep blogging..

Sneha said...

a simple proverb : Winners never quit and Quitters never win...I belive in this Kiran

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