19 Feb 2011

You'll always be in my heart

This is a guest post submitted by one of my followers S.K. Saini aka Mindy. She is a author of her upcoming Supernatural/Paranormal Theme Novel. Do visit her blog and support her. She would appreciate new readers and followers.

This is a poem that she had made, just after watching the movie A Bridge to Terabithia. :)

You found me when I was at my worst,
You put me back together,
But something happened and you died,
I will cherish our memories forever,
I remember the day that I met you,
You were so full of life and happiness,
But I stand here by our fantasy place,
I feel like my life is becoming a mess,
I was Art, and you were Imagination,
You were always like the other half of me,
My eyes well up in a rain of tears,
As your ashes are drifted out to sea,
I will always think about the times,
That you and I had,
I promise to look out onto the horizon,
And never be sad,
You taught me a lot of things,
To open up your mind,
Just close your eyes and imagine a world,
There could be anything you can find,
Now I will go back to our fantasy place,
Where you were Imagination and I was Art,
I will close my eyes happily,
Because I know you'll always be in my heart...

- Art and Imagination By

Thank you Mindy for sharing the beautiful poem with us. Check out her blog here


Anonymous said...

Oh sucha sweet poem... ive seen the movie Bridge to Teribithia :) -


Mindy said...

Thank you! :)
Anyone who has seen the movie, and feel the emotional impact I put into this poem.

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