18 Feb 2011

Greener is more happier

Sunday evening, I sat in my backyard listening to music and enjoying the fresh air. Suddenly I heard “Hello , Can you hear me?” It was soft tiny voice, never heard anyone like that before. I started looking for the source. Again the voice came “Hey here, look up, it’s me”

I looked up at the tree above me, and saw a pair of sparrow sitting on one of its branch.
“ No, of course they are not talking hehehehe “ I thought.
But again I heard same voice “Hello, yes it’s me up here”. And then I was horrified seeing a sparrow talking to me. Seeing my horrified look one of them came down on lower branch and said “Don’t be frighten, we do talk sometimes”

I was dumbfounded, didn’t know what to say to this bird.

“Hi, I m Aggie and this is my friend Anna”
“Oh hi, I m Sneha. But why are you talking to me” (sounded like an idiot)
“Do you know some place where we can find more trees so that we can make our nest in safer place?” Aggie asked chirping.
“There aren’t bunch of trees left in Mumbai sadly. You might find one or two here and there, but not lot of them.” I said.
She look sad. Both Aggie and Anna exchanged look of concern.
“We don’t want to go out of Mumbai. We were born here, grew up here. Even our parents and grandparents were born in Mumbai. Mumbai is so close to our heart, but don’t know all of sudden evergreen Mumbai turned into concrete Mumbai. We also have food shortage and water shortage.”
I felt really sad when I heard their problem. But what could I do make them happy? Our Mumbai no more has trees which can home all these birds.

I asked Aggie “Where will you go now?
She replied sadly “I have no other option, but to leave Mumbai”.
“What if we plant more trees?” I asked hopefully.
Suddenly her face lit up and she replied” Then me and all my family will come back to Mumbai and will make Mumbai’s atmosphere happy by our song and chirping.”

Are we not going to help these innocent birds? Will we feel happy to leave the place which we have grown up in? It won’t hurt to plant at least one tree to make our Mumbai green. Summer is really exhausting for us and so for them. One bowl of water outside your window will help these birds to refresh themselves. Aggie and Anna are happy to come back to Mumbai, but are we ready to provide them what they want? Even though I mentioned Mumbai, but every developed city is facing the same problem. We have traded greenery and fresh air for cement roads and skyscrapers. Little Changes makes big difference.


IMOOOOO said...

Nice blog

JIM said...

I started following.. I think i was before

Vasanth G.Benjamin said...

A well written blog Sneha.... Many a times like you said... It's those little of things which make a huge difference in our sweet little lives. The glory is not in seeing them, its happens when we can make things happen for the better of somebody out there.... Well done... :)


Vasanth Benjamin

Sneha said...

yes Vasanth...thank you for appreciating

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