9 Sep 2011

Ganpati in Mumbai

One of the biggest festivals in Maharastra is Ganesh Utsav. You can find ganpati pandals in every next gully (lane) and they hold 20 – 40 foot big ganpati idols.

So, while the 10 days Ganesh Utsav is on, you need to take a day off or plan visiting all these places on weekends. Starting from your society’s own Ganpati pandal, start walking and visit all the pandals that come on your way. Admire the huge idols, pray feverishly and enjoy the Prasad. This process will eat up your entire day, but by the end of the day you will be super satisfied.

That’s what I did, started from nearest ganpati pandal, paid visit to every ganpati idol on my way. Sharing some of the photo with you.


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Sneha Sunny said...

Wow,,,, they are awesome. We celebrated durga puja a few days ago... This is what special, more special about India....Festivals!

Simran said...

Beautiful clicks ,Sneha! :)

Sneha said...

Thanks Simmi :)

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