7 Sep 2011

Nostalgic Moments

I am dedicating this post to Nostalgic Moment blogfest. There are few things which makes nostalgic and when I think of them, an involuntary smile stretches on my face.

Today I am sharing a photo which makes me nostalgic – A Chinese food. I wish I could share this food with all my readers :D

Anyways, back to the topic. When I was in Larsen and Toubro Infotech in my training days, we had a common canteen (which was 1 km away from our working place) where they use to serve food to all Infoknights. And we use to walk 1km away just to eat the food, as our office building was on gate 7 and canteen building was on gate 1.

My friends (Aniket and Amruta) and I use to walk together to canteen, gossip while eating and then come back to our desk. At some point we got bored of same food, so one day we stopped by a small Chinese hotel near gate 6 and enjoyed our feast. Slowly, it became our routine to visit this hotel every Friday and we use order same food all the time – 2 Fried Rice, 3 Manchow soups.

And we just don’t use to eat the food but use to crack jokes and laugh loudly. The hotel manager clearly looked irritated by our act. I still remember that irritated look on his face. My friend Aniket was practically scared by manager’s deadly looks as he was the only male member in our team and chances were that he would be soft target to the manager’s anger.

So, every time I eat Manchow Soup, I remember training days where we use to have loads of fun.


Nethra said...

Now, I want to taste the Manchow Soup and few hotel staffs just don't mind their business. I have met such people too.

sonia kundra singh said...

lovely pictures...n cute memory...days wid friends r d best!

Jan said...

Great photos, There is something special about time with friends that only you shared.

Nelieta said...

It is great how certain food can trigger nostalgic moments! I haven´t eaten a lot of Chinese food in my life but it sure looks delicious!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful memory and Mmmm that looks tasty. Acting up while eating is one of my favorite pasttimes. Did anyone get in trouble with the manager? Did you guys ever go back afterwards?

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