16 Nov 2011

In Conversation with Author Sonia Kundra Singh

Welcome Sonia! It’s an honor to have you on my blog “Things in Black N White”. To begin, can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

 Thank you. There are really no rules as to how to write. The language is supposed to flow, no careless use of sentences and no overuse of literary words that belonged to the era of Jane Austen. I like freestyle writing yet with I use it with caution, making sure that my readers have a pleasant time without having to take out their dictionaries. 

 How much does Indian readers loves Romance genre? How is your debut novel accepted by the crowd so far? 

 I think Indian readers are romantics by heart. And with the onset of Mills and Boons, I see copies flying everywhere. Love Me In The End is well liked by the young audience of mine and also inspiring those who are still searching for love in an arranged marriage. 

 Tell us in brief about your journey so far. What you learned and how you implemented it?

 It’s exciting to have your book in your hands once it’s published and it is not entirely an easy process if you are a first time writer. It’s always a struggle whenever you want your book out whether it’s the first or the second. Each time you are assessed and measured by the way you write and how you write it. Even if you are not putting your best foot forward, believe in yourself because you are the best judge of your writing. 

 Which is your favorite character in “Love me in the end”? 

 ‘Amitab Melhera’, the father of the heroine is so far my favorite character. I loved writing about him, highlighting the mistakes he didn’t know he was committing and all the while loving his daughter with all his heart. I have a weakness for interfering dads.

 After “Love me in the end”, what are the upcoming projects? Do you plan to write for different genre? 

 I am coming up with my second novel soon. It’s already under process and titled Love Me Like A Gentleman. It’s a romance again. I definitely plan to combine romance with thriller sometime very soon. Chik Lit is another genre I would like to explore. 

 After the first novel’s success, readers’ expectation grows. How are you planning to catch up with your readers’ expectation in next novel? 

 The first novel is always a testing phase to see if your readers like the way you write and it boosts your confidence further when it’s well liked as well. You cannot force a reader to buy your book unless they like the story. It’s a risk you have a take as a writer. My second novel is more on a sensitive side of people struggling with themselves as to what is right and what is wrong.

 Anything you want to say to your readers? 

 I just want to say that they have given me a lot of encouragement and love so far. I hope to continue making romance a very reality in your lives. Keep reading me!

Some more about Love me in the end :

A fanatically devoted father, a headstrong daughter and a devious rake make their way into the world of an arranged marriage, which is a sham. It was going to be the perfect match according to the father, but Ria was impulsive and Arman hated being tied to a girl he had never seen before. Ria was determined to put up a fight to the end and Arman, guided by his instincts, did not offer any help but to desire her with his heart. Could Arman convince her that he was the one for Ria?

To know more about Sonia, please visit her official website : http://www.soniakundra.com/


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