6 May 2011

My experience to share with budding new authors

First of all, I would like to thank to a wonderful group BRL on facebook for taking initiative in helping the new budding authors to find the path in fulfilling their dreams. I am a new author, still finding my way to achieve my dreams and laid targets. I may not be the right person to help the new author, but I would do my best in giving away basic information. By basic information, I also mean important information, which every new author should be aware of.

So, following are the questions which came to my mind and I am sure every budding author has it.

Step 1: Are you planning to write the book, but still the plot is unclear?
Wait until you come up with good plot. I feel story should come from heart and author should not write for just the sake of writing. This is because a good plot is one which is your main selling pitch.

Step 2: Are you in writing stage of your novel?
Get the chapters reviewed by your close friends (one who read good amount of novels) or request few fellow authors to review it and give their honest views so that you can improve by time.
Do not upload these chapters on blog or on any public media. It’s not safe to do so. Circulate it among the trustworthy people only.

Step 3: Done with the novel...Now what?
Proof read your first draft and try to eliminate as much as grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes you can. Some might opt for professional editing which cost around 4000-5000 (can vary from editor’s service). As an alternative, if you have a friend or relative who is doing English literature or has done PhD can help you in editing. Point is to make your manuscript look professional and error free. Goal is to impress the publishers.

Step 4: How to approach publishers?
Go to each and every publisher’s website and check for their instructions in submitting the “Book Proposal”. Every publisher has different requirements. Some ask for ‘Synopsis + any 3 sample chapters + author’s detail’ while some ask for ‘Synopsis + First 3 sample chapters + author’s detail + chapter wise explanation of novel’.
In all this, what I have experienced is that the synopsis is the main selling pitch of the novel, as it describes your plot. Refer to step no 1.
The synopsis should be just one page long and it should describe your plot in this one page. (Get the synopsis check by the reviewers before shooting mails to publishers.)

Step 5: I have sent the book proposal. What now?
The publishers take at least 3-4 weeks of time to respond to your book proposal. Two things can happen:
1. They like your proposal and will ask you to send your manuscript for further evaluation. If they like your manuscript based on their own criteria, they will give you offer. Cheers!!!
2. They will reject your proposal. Cheers!! Now you are free to go to another publisher.

Just one thing I would like to mention here ‘Do not lose hope and believe in your work’. Rejections are common and very necessary for your success. So, be happy you are getting rejected.

Well, this was my experience, as right now I am still in my journey in pursuing my dream. I had many friends who guided me well – Kunal Bharadwaj, Nisha Arppit, Abhishek Bose, Ankit Lal. Hope this post will help few new authors or willing to be authors in their journey.


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