9 May 2011

My love never faked by Nikhil Mahajan

The main protagonist is Abhay, who is notorious guy, pursuing his degree course. He already has an angel like girlfriend named Priya. But Abhay does not value her. He did everything to avoid Priya, may be not on purpose, but Priya was never his first priority. In all this, Abhay’s notorious nature leads him to some escort website and there he meets Ellenor. To add to Abhay’s problem, Ellenor comes to India and then something happens…which changes Abhay’s and Priya’s life. Obviously breakup was on the card. So, will Abhay be able to convince Priya that his love never faked? Or that was end of their relationship?

Well starting with cover page, the white and red combination is always appealing (at least for me)…and so the book cover is interesting from my point of view. Now moving on to the King i.e content. This is not the usual boy meets girl and girl meets boy, they fight and then make up and they live happily ever after kind of book. Here the boy already has a girlfriend, and he is trying his hands on some another girl with whom he met on website(escort website).

The main motive of author is clear in this book. Even though this book is purely based on the author’s personal life and his relationship with his girlfriend, by the end of book he wants to leave a message to the young generation. The book leaves a message which explains what might happen if you do few wrong things. It might destroy your relationship with your loved ones forever and once a trust broken can never be gained back.

The major problem with the book is its grammatical mistakes. There are loads of spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and formatting errors. (Note: The author has mentioned that he has rectified these mistakes in his upcoming edition.) But as I was reading the book, I could not ignore these mistakes and so I could not link well, no matter how much unique the plot was. Secondly, I thought the book would have been more gripping, if author would have added more emotions and more detailing to the scenes.

Overall, it’s a different read and can be picked up by those who loves reading love stories.


priyanka said...

nik might hv done spelling mistakes in his book ...which is not pardonable ofcourse...as the author himself is not supposed to make grammatical errors....but who so ever has done this post no less guilty of such mistakes....just checck it out

Anonymous said...

As we all do mistakes but priority here is the work is to be appreciated and it's a message to all that whatever we do in our life mistakes has to be eliminated in the end any how.

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