25 Apr 2011

Book review of Skunk Girl by Sheba Karim

I ordered this book for my sister(a teen), as she was fascinated by the title ‘Skunk Girl’. Well, she read it and kept on saying me that this book rocks. It made me curious and I thought of reading it too. So, here I am writing the review of ‘Skunk Girl’.

Let me start with the basic idea of story.
Nina Khan is a sixteen year old Pakistani girl who was born and brought up in Deer Hook. Coming from conservative Pakistani family, she has many restrictions. No sleepovers, no parties, no talking to boys and many more… While her friends enjoy weekend and parties, Nina has to stay at home and study. And more to her frustration, she is hairy!! A long strip of black hair runs down on her back which resembles ‘Skunk’. And guess who saw it? Her crush ‘Asher Richelli’, a cute new Italian transfer student.
Does she stand any chance to impress Asher?
Will her life be more interesting, even after so many restrictions?
Nina is always compared to her elder sister, who is supernerd, and her parents wish Nina excel in exams just like her supernerd sister.

The book starts on interesting note, with Nina giving introduction about her Parents and their love for Pakistani culture. It grabs the readers interest as we keep on turning the pages. The author has done a wonderful job of keeping the readers hooked to each and every chapter by adding all sort of possible humor. I bet you can’t help yourself but to laugh as you go on reading further.
Author has used some cheesy dialogues which will make you giggle for sure.
Nina, don’t talk to boys or you will get pregnant.” Says Nina’s mom.
Sonia is in Harvard, but Nina will go to Yale University.” Nina’s parents keeps on saying everyone, making her life more complicated!
Why is the watering can kept in bathroom? They don’t use toilet papers in Pakistan?”Nina’s American friend ask and she replies “It is called Lota.

The clash between two culture – traditional Pakistani culture and Modern American culture is perfectly explained. And the protagonist Nina Khan is the sufferer of this clash.
What I liked about the book is beautiful character developments and beautiful way of telling story. Language used is simple yet catchy.

But the book don’t have a proper plot(if you are looking for any) as it is a series of events put together . Though the book is targeted to Young Adults, I loved reading it. A light read and it definitely refreshes the reader with the humor.I’ll give 3.5/5 to the book.

Details of Book: Skunk Girl
Book: Skunk Girl
Author: Sheba Karim
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2011
Publisher: Penguin Young Adult
Number of Pages: 240
Language: English


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