21 Apr 2011


I was browsing the channels (Indian Television) on Tv today and I came across a scene from a Tv series where a man and his wife are standing in front of tantrik baba and asking him whether they would get son.
The tantrik happily says “Yes you would, but you have to make sacrifice.”
The man quickly says “ I can do anything to be father of son.”
The scary looking tantrik replies “Then you would have to make sacrifice of a girl. And once you do that, no one can stop you from being father of son. The next time you wife delivers a baby, it will be son!!!”
To my surprise, there was smile on the man’s face and he replies “Yes baba, I can do that. I would prefer being childless man rather than being father of a girl. I just want son. That’s it!”

OUCH!!! Isn’t this scene disturbing?
Or rather we would say WTF…

Well, coming back to India and its people. There are still many villages in India where people are illliterate. So, when some one plays a movie scene in front of them…

A hero is wearing a dark glares – Next day, all the boy will be having glares with them
A hero is wearing cool Jacket – They would flaunt their jackets happily.
A heroine is tying up her hairs in some cool way – They would make it latest fashion.

This is because, whatever they see on television, they think it’s cool. And they happily follow it. So, now my question is – What when these kind of people see TV series like the one which I stated above?
And this is not just one serial, but there are many which follows the same concept – where they think it’s a curse if baby girl is born.

So, what are these serial’s trying to say? Do these kind of things or don’t attempt anything like we are doing?
Because, such serials go on for 2 or more years and even when serial is on verge to end, still the character who was super evil, is still happily sitting on the couch.
Now, I should say WTF??

Well these are my personal views…they may differ from person to person.


upasana said...

ya.... its true... these serials shld be banned.. still many ppl imitate them. this is all generation gap.even educated ppl are shamefully practicing these things.

Manu said...

I always get miffed with the kind of women they show on tv. All women homely/homey or self made ones, end up marrying the man either of their choice or not and then going ahead with the tantrums of in laws or winning the heart of their husbands. Their life is just glued to one simple thing- how to be the best in the house, thats it. No dream, no work ,no aspiration in life. the sacrifice is shown as if this is the only motto of a woman's life! Silly! The only thing they show is how they talk about culture and values where the girl is severely made to believe as how she need to go beyond her limits to make her in -laws happy. clad in best of the dresses, wearing the thick make up all they do throughout is how to degrade the other character, thats it!

Motifs said...

I totally agree with you Sneha..serials and "me"...are poles apart..can never relate to anything thats going on..and I just d.on't realize as how people don't voice their opinion against it

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