20 Mar 2011

Cause for Nothing...

Save Tigers!!
Educate girl child!!
Stop leather trade!!
Stop sending your parents in old age homes!!
Stop assaulting animals!!

These are the causes we often join and like on facebook. But then what next?
Will the tigers be saved once you like that cause page on facebook?
Will the child be educated once you join this cause page?

For those who think they will, my answer is NO.
I am sorry it may sound harsh but NO leather trade won’t stop!!! NO the child wont get the books if you like that page…
So, why are we all joining? What’s the use? Because once we join we forget about it.
Or is it just to show how sensitive you are and how much you care about animals and children?

Well, the person liking Stop leather trade page has a leather wallet in his back pocket of jeans and probably wearing leather shoes. The person may join Stop assaulting animals page but if any street dog comes in his way his first reacting will be - throwing stone at the poor animal.

This post is not to point out to someone, but it’s just a small effort to tell that there are some things which can’t be achieved by liking any pages or joining any group. We need to keep in mind all this and act as if everyday we have undertaken a cause.
God has given us enough that we are writing and reading the blogs and not to forget liking the pages on facebook… it means that we have more potential just than liking the page.
So, why not start it from today? If we like the cause and feel from heart that yes we should stop this injustice…then start with yourself and people around you.
I am sure every person who is working has enough salary to help a girl child in her education. Then why not pay fees of poor kids who can’t attend school due to lack of money?
Well I don’t say joining any cause on facebook is bad… but if you are joining then act on it. And join when you really mean it!!!

Just a little change can make difference…now it’s on us how and where to make the change.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I think at least people are showing they care by "liking" a post. But it can't stop there. The sentiment has to be followed by action. First time at your blog. I enjoyed my visit.

JIM said...

I would hope that people do not feel that you like and then forget??

Maybe a few but I cannot believe that is the majority.
By the way who is stupid enough to throw rocks at a dog??? Unless your protecting yourself and it is a lat resort ,throwing a rock at a large aggressive dog might not be a great idea>

JIM said...

I started following you

Sneha said...

Thank you Sweepy :)

Jim - here in India few ppl(That means large amount) abuse street animals especially dogs...and if that dog bites, they say that dogs are dangerous.
But the question is who attacked first? They overlook that point

kiran said...

I am really wondering, from where do u get theses ideas from..u r simply amazing as a writer, whose got gr8 thoughts, ideas and the way u pen them.. What u have told here is exactly what happens in reality..It is an eye-opener for all the human beings, who call themselves generous and sensitive..

Sneha said...

Thank you kiran ;)

Kriti said...

Sneha - couldn't agree more. "What next?" - very pertinent question. Do we even bother to find out the answer? LOve your post... My latest one is at http://kriti-howaboutthis.blogspot.com/2011/03/cogito-ergo-sum.html if you are into poker : )

FAYErydust said...

I just love your post.Isn't it it's like signing on a piece of paper when liking a page on facebook? Back then, when people were protesting or needed something, they gather some signatures from different people and pass it to the higher people so that they could see the efforts and etc. for them to make a movement. It's not actually cause for nothing. There is a reason behind it.

Just like a Japan for a cause, tit's a non profit org .. I'm not that rich to donate but with facebook, I could help. We all pray for Japan. It's a page where in you want to let them know they are supported by a lot of people.

Joining any page means they are supported by a lot of people.

Nice post!^^

Alpana Jaiswal said...

An intelligent and thought provoking post...a pleasure to always read what you write.

Sneha said...

@ Alpana : Thank you :) You always motivate me

@ Faye : agree with u

Anonymous said...

Well said Sneh... its high ppl we sit up & take note of d causes which need our tym & attention ...:)

- Munch

Shafaque Penkar said...

really nice one, i agree wit u.

sonia kundra singh said...

I knw what you mean. There is nothing we are actually doing abt it. I still crave for that genuine leather purse or shoes (Yes, i still want it. And I dont really look at the child who is begging on the streets n not going to school. Sometimes I seem so caught with the materialistic world out there...

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