23 Mar 2011

Interview with Abhishek Bose

Debut Novel of author Abhishek Bose - Legally, Lovingly Yours is now available in Indian Market. He is a  final year law student, still studying and has already a novel published. So, let's here what Abhishek Bose has to say about his journey and his debut novel Legally, Lovingly Yours.
Exclusively for Things and Black and White readers, Abhishek Bose has taken sometime out from his busy schedule (he is busy in marketing the book as of now).

Me: Tell us something about your novel.
Abhishek: My book is a college romance, but unlike the one's written by students of IITs and IIMs...mine is based in a fictitious law school in Dehradun.
The book is titled ‘Legally, Lovingly Yours’ as it's a love story in a law school. So, I wanted the title to be a bit catchy.

Me:   What are the good and bad experiences you had in your journey so far?
Abhishek: Talking about the first journey, it was long, a bit frustrating at times, but overall exciting. I faced some problems while writing such as ‘writer's block’ and ‘invasion of privacy’.
Coming to the second journey, it was tougher than the first one. I got rejected by 4-5 publishers before Mahaveer Publishers accepted it. And the journey is still on :)

Me: How did you get plot idea for ‘Legally, lovingly yours’?
Abhishek: The idea for plot came to me while I was in a bus.
I was in Delhi and was traveling with a friend of mine when we struck up a conversation about the first time authors and increasing number of books of students from IITs, IIMs, etc.
I just mentioned the unavailability of any book by a law school student, to which she replied 'Tum Likhna' (You Write). These two words stuck with me and thus the seeds were sown.

Me: Which character in your novel you can relate yourself to?
Abhishek: Candidly speaking, I can relate myself to the main protagonist of the novel, who goes by the same name as mine – Abhishek. My character and characteristics at times matches with the protagonist. Well, you can say that I based the main lead on myself.

Me: How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?
Abhishek: About my personality I can only say that I have somewhat based the main protagonist on myself. So may be it reflects me as I am.
Regarding life experiences… Well, some incidents have been taken from my friends and my life. But overall it's a work of fiction.

Me: Who, if anyone, has influences your writing?
Abhishek: Regarding getting influenced, I can't say that I got influenced by anybody or not. This is because, be it my home or college, nobody till now has attempted such a task. Moreover, I was not in touch with any author previously. It all happened when I started networking to promote my book.

Me: Anything you like to say to your readers?
Abhishek: All I want to say is that please read my book and do give your feedback and criticism both.  Positive and negative comments are welcome. It would help me in the future writings...Happy Reading!! :)

Thank you Abhishek for your valuable time and interview specially for Things in Black and White blog and it's readers. We wish you all the success in your future plans and hope to read more novels by you in the near future.


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Its great to read interviews...come to know so much abt the book this way and easier to relate to the author

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