22 Aug 2011

YouTube Tuesday

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“Never underestimate anyone”

I have shared this video long back on my old blog, which got deleted. But I miss this video and think it’s very inspiring. So, here I am sharing this video again and re-describing it.

My friend asked me “Have you heard Susan Boyle sing?”
I said “No, who is she?” I have never heard this name until he mentioned it.
He immediately pasted a link on my chat window saying “First, listen to this and then do rest of your work.”
Out of curiosity, I clicked the link and saw the youtube video. All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed watching Susan Boyle talking and singing both.

So, I am sharing this video with all of you and I want you to see this video if you haven’t.
Now you must be thinking why I am writing about her. Who is she?
Well, Susan Boyle was a contestant of Britain’s Got Talent Season 3. With not so glamorous looks, 47 year old Susan Boyle walked on the Britain’s Got Talent stage with a big smile on her face. Judges didn’t look impressed by her presentation and I am sure they were thinking “Oh! Another weird lady out there. Let’s get over with it.
But Susan knew her talent well and was confident on what she was claiming. She claimed that she wants to be like Elaine Paige. The audience started booing and of course judges didn’t believe her. Each and every person in the studio knew whatever she will sing won’t be good, so let’s get over with it.
Judges asked her to sing and from then the scene changed completely. She sang I dreamed a dream song from Les Misérables and rest I leave it to you to watch and feel the beauty of it.

Please check her video on the link given below... for all videos I have checked on youtube, their embedding is disabled so please click on the link below and check the video.

Susan Boyle's audition in Britain's Got Talent (This video will open up in new window)

Saw it how same audience who was booing at her was the one who gave her standing ovation? That’s what a true talent is! No looks, No glamour – just a pure talent.

Susan’s Boyle’s life changed from this day. After few months she released her own album named “I dreamed a dream”, which was best selling album.
I feel this video says “Never underestimating anyone in life”.
Don’t you think that the audience and judges judged her on the basis of her looks? But the talent is far more than that and Susan Boyle is one hell example of this.
God bless her with all success.


melissa said...

Terrific Sneha! Actually it was an awesome feat for Susan Boyle. I heard this from my dad who came home very excited with this news.

I truly believe in every person's capacity regardless of his/her physical appearance. Here's another video for motivating people :)


Alpana Jaiswal said...

I loved it Sneha,it was simply wonderful...thank u for sharing this with us.
my link

Jan said...

Makes me cry everytime I see it. Thank you for posting. Such a beautiful talent and beautiful person she is. You are right everyone judged by looks, what fools we can be!!

here is mine: http://jovanecatharticmusings.blogspot.com/2011/08/you-tube-tuesday_23.html

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite songs ever. Later they tried to give her a makeover and it was a huge argument over it because her supporters and her wanted people to see that great things come in not so pretty wrapping. She is a beautiful soul and will shine longer then any singer ever could.


Corinne Rodrigues said...

I could watch this a hundred times over and still get goosebumps!

My YTT: http://www.everydaygyaan.com/2011/08/to-help-pour-out-rain.html

Anna said...

This was a fantastic story and I still get chills when I listen to her sing :) Great share!

Sneha said...

Thank you all :)

Mary said...

Just goes to show you how true the statement is..."Don't judge a book by it's cover!" I watched the night she gave this performance and was enthralled by her voice then as I am now. Wonderful video :)

Bongo said...

I love that woman....as always...XOXOXOXOX


Bec Owen said...

Susan Boyle's story is truly inspirational...what an amazing voice! Every time I watch this I get goosebumps! Thank you for sharing this one.

Here's mine: http://bit.ly/rhObaa

Debbie said...

She has an amazing voice ... and her story is like Bec said inspirational .. thanks for sharing


Whitetiger said...

Melissa, She has such an awesome voice. Thanks for participating!

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