4 Aug 2011

The last Change

The last Change

He heard a howl coming from the forest. His heart thumped a bit louder with a realization that it was time to change. He formed a fist of his hand, while his body trembled frenziedly. A sharp pain ripped through his backbone making him feel dizzy.
NO! I don’t want to change, he kept on saying.
He closed his eyes and concentrated hard to control his body. Then a beautiful face flashed through his mind.
“Rose,” he breathed.
His lips stretched with a hint of smile on them. He wanted to hold her in his arms, embrace her, and let her know what she meant to him.
“Rose, I love you,” he muttered.
This was his last change – a change that will make him lose his identity. He will not be able to transform back to human form. He will not be able to hold Rose in his arms, ever again.
A drop of tear rolled down on his cheek, thinking about Rose. He wanted to let her know how much he loved her, but it was too late now. Going away from Rose was difficult for him but he had no choice. His body was already responding to the change – the last change.
I wished I had confessed my love to her, he thought.

Taking a deep breath, he made up his mind.
“There is no use of regretting. She is my past; I have to be where I am destined to be. My pack needs me,” he said, loudly.
Pushing away all the thoughts from his mind, he gave up the control of his body. He ran towards the forest with whatever energy he could summon. The pain in his backbone grew stronger, making him fall on the ground. Within no time, an unknown power took over his body. The pain grew intense for few seconds and then it completely stopped, giving him internal strength. Before he could know anything, he was transformed into a beastly creature – werewolf.


terry said...

it was good. there was sadness concerning love for Rose, but you controlled it at the right moment. amazing restraint as a writer.
good piece :)

Sneha said...

Thank you Terry :) Glad you liked it !

Nethra said...

Good one. I wanted to read some more. Please, do continue the story!

Sneha said...

Then it will end up as novel lolzz

Ankita said...

Fascinating! :-)

Sneha said...

Thanks Ankita :D

Anonymous said...

Terrific.Waiting for more :)

Sneha said...

Thank you :)

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