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Here is the first guest post submitted by one of my close friend. We will address to him as “Random thinker”. I would like to thank him for being such a wonderful friend and submitting me this post in no time of request.
There is something beyond the Right and Wrong

What is Right and Wrong? And who decides it?
In life most of the time we come across the situation where we need to take certain decisions and the first step of it is to decide what is Right and Wrong.
We categories things as Right / Wrong based on what our parents have taught us, what our friends think of and most of the time based on what our society thinks.
What is Right today may not hold true tomorrow, or what is considered as wrong may be practice for tomorrow.  Certain things have different meanings in different context.  May be what is right for me, may not be right for others.
Things are not always Right / Wrong, there is something beyond the Right and Wrong.  So I have decided not to look at things as whether they are right or wrong but to decide based on what I think of those.  Whether I want to do those things or not.  Let me take my own decisions, maybe I will fail.. but I will learn.  It will give me a new perspective and new meanings. I know there will be consequences, but I am ready to face those. Everybody makes mistakes, let me make my own and let me learn from it.
So what do you think? What is Right / Wrong according to you? Take your own call, but before jumping to any conclusion remember one thing – It’s not always Black / White, Gray does exist.


Mindy said...

You can repost mine if you like. :)

Sneha said...

Yes Mindy...I will be resposting ur poem on my home page itself....

Rahul said...
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Anonymous said...


I was just viewing your latest blog post about the pictures you took with your Nikon L310. It's really very beautiful. I also have this camera, but my pictures usually turn out blurry at the slightest zoom of the camera. Did you adjust some setting to prevent the blurriness?

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