28 Feb 2014

Bombay Blue - Lower Parel

I am back to blogging, but this time with a friend who will contribute here as well. Coincidence or luck but we have one thing in common- “Our love for food”. Hence, we decide to try different restaurants in Mumbai and elsewhere we travel and review them at this platform for our readers. Welcome Sayoni on the board!

 I believe special moments are created dynamically. It was a dynamic plan to skip the usual homemade tiffin and try Bombay Blue restaurant at Lower Parel, High Street Phoenix. Good food and enchanting ambiance makes your lunching experience memorable. We had very little expectations from Bombay Blue, but we were keen to see what the rula-bula was all about. So, here goes the review:

Next to noodle bar and opposite Dominoes Pizza, Bombay Blue was comparatively less crowded which surprised us. We went at around 1 pm but very few seats were occupied. Anyway the ambiance was spacious, clean and homely. Living up to the name, you will get to see Bombay’s aka Mumbai’s true colours right from cricket posters to Mumbai dabbewalas.

We ordered Berry Berry Micheal, Spicy Tortilla Triangles and Chicken Escalope Melanise. I was disappointed on first sip of Berry Berry Micheal, which tasted like a melted jelly, but Sayoni loved it though. Different people, Different taste! However, spicy tortilla was the best part of our order. Beans just cooked perfectly and went well with melted cheese. Perfectly marinated and seasoned Chicken Escalope Melanise was cherry on the cake. We paid Rs. 750 odd which is reasonable enough for the food quality and quantity what we got. The best part about the restaurant is that you can enjoy Indian as well as International food at affordable rates.

Quick service when it comes to placing order and getting the order on your table. They have these unique table mats which has interesting puzzle game about Mumbai, which you can play while your order is getting ready.
 PS – We forgot the finger bowls though, even after licking the cheese with our fingers and the waiter didn't offer it.

 Verdict of the two hungry souls – A must go for Italian cuisine! We can afford second visit to try other dishes as well.


Anonymous said...

Sneha.. will have to try bombay blue sometime soon :) lovely pics too.. :)

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