16 Aug 2011

Smile Smile, till you succeed

There exist a special species on the earth, who never smiles. They can be found everywhere around you. If you are sitting in office just scan the floor and you might spot few examples. If you are in school/college have a good look at your campus. If you are unlucky enough, there might be a friend of yours who belongs to this “species”.
LOL! Don’t you think with the growing complications in our life, we forget to smile?
I recall having a colleague in my project team, who never smiled and sitting beside him made me sad (I use to feel that this word sucks). I can’t explain how much I was pissed off by his “Frowny” face. (Does the word Frowny exists? Never mind!)

However, when we see a cheerful person around us, our mood definitely lightens. So, if you are not much into smiling/laughing please give it a try. All you have to do is curl up your lips a bit and show your white teeth. And if you have that cheerful face, please keep smiling always.

There was a girl in my college, who had smiley face (Even though she kept her expressions normal, it gave a feeling like she was smiling). Everyday our professor use to call her name and ask “Why are you smiling? Is there a joke going on here?”
Poor soul just use to blink at her, thinking ‘When did I smile?
One day one of her friend stood beside her and said “Mam, please don’t shout her. She has a smiley and she can’t help it!”
The entire class burst into laughter and so did our professor. :D

So, for all my friends and readers who love to smile, I am sharing one of my favorite Mr. Bean’s video. And for all those people who don’t smile, I would say “Smile Smile, till you succeed”.


JIM said...

I'm not a bean fan but this was actually funny. I agree with you SMILE lol If for no other reason you will keep everyone guessing!!!! Really good post!!!


Jan said...

funny stuff. Smiling is the answer to a bad day at work when you work with the public too!

Sneha said...

Thank you :)

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